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I am thrilled to be offering this rare Elestial Lightkeeper.  It was recently unearthed in Mexico.

This Energetic Elestial Lightkeeper is a very good size and measures approximately 27mm length x 22mm width x 17mm depth.


The supplier has said, and I quote from the suppliers print-out:

"The appearance and energies of Elestial Lightkeepers seems to be a cross between Elestial Quartz and Herkimer "Diamonds". These exceptional crystals are facilitators of visionary experience and connection to higher realms. Like Herkimers, they stimulate the third eye chakra, engendering visual perceptions of the normally invisible worlds of Spirit. Like other Elestials, they are among the most powerful means by which the energy patterns, information and love from the entities of the higher planes can be translated and transferred to human beings engaged in physical life on the Earth. In addition, they can act as access keys to inner libraries of spiritual knowledge. The more complex the formation of openings and "portals" in the crystal, the more multifaceted the interdimensional openings they offer.

"The "interdimensional" qualities of these stones are quite pronounced. In mediation, one may use them to travel to the angelic realms, as well as the domains of one's spirit guides. They can be very powerful tools for the shamanic journeying and soul retrieval, allowing one to go back to the key moments in the life or lives of oneself, or one's client, in order to recover lost parts of the soul. Such work can facilitate profound healings, and those who do such work, or wish to do so, are advised that Elestial Lightkeeper crystals can provide powerful "medicine."

"These stones are like crystalline switchboards, linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. When one keeps an Elestial Crystal, most especially an Elestial Lightkeeper in one's environment, it is like having a radio in the room, tuned to the "Higher Self Channel".These crystals constantly emanate vibrations that remind and reconnect us to the inner worlds of Spirits.

"Elestial Lightkeepers, with their Herkimer-like qualities, easily attune to the frequencies of the Angelic domain. Working with these stones in meditation, one may readily hear the voices of the angelic choirs singing the "music of the spheres". Through this connection one may receive a "download" of cosmic love, which can infuse every cell in the body with joy and well being. This is of course of great assistance in any type of vibrational healing, and it can also raise the energies of healthy individuals to new levels of higher functioning. Beyond that, it is a wonder and a joy to see the Angelic realm through the inner eye and commune with its inhabitants through the heart. Elestial Lightkeeper crystals can facilitate such experiences.

"Elestial Lightkeepers can lighten the heart, relieving the burden of sorrow or depression. They can attune one to the knowledge of the akashic records, and to the eternal wisdom that permeates the Universe. They can assist in the recall of past lives and the understanding of the key lessons of those lives. They allow one's consciousness to travel freely through time and space, viewing probable futures as well as past events. Their inherent programming is benevolence, so the information and experience they bring is all attuned to one's highest good.

"Elestial Lightkeepers can be combined with Moldavite for mutual enhancement of their powers of transformation, attunement and awakening. They also harmonize with and amplify the effects of Phenancite(Phenakite), Danburite, Azeztulite, Petalite, Brookite, Herderite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Quartz"  in helping other minerals to perform in the required manner. Elestial Lightkeepers are also an excellent aid for Lucid dreaming and for entering higher states of consciousness! They are also quite often included with Goethite. Goethite can teach one to enjoy the journey in life while enhancing progression toward the goal. It inspires pragmatism with imagination, bringing energy to pursuits of discovery. Goethite helps one to attune to the ethereal ralms, and enhances communication with "the angles". It also facilitates clairaudience and, sometimes, allows one to hear the music of the ethers. It enhances communication on the physical plane and strengthens the connection with other worlds and beings in those worlds. It can be used to alleviate distractions and to provide for intensified concentration.

Goethite can enable one to predict future events and can be used to enhance the abilities of a divining rod. It can also facilitate clairaudient experiences. In addition, goethite may be used to grid an area to enhance and strengthen the energy for welcoming spaceship landings.

Goethite vibrates to the Master Number 44 and assists with clairaudience and clairvoyance!  



E-Bay Store Pathways sells rare Metaphysical Crystals including Super 7, Super 8, Azeztulite, Petalite, Phenacite, Angelite, Hiddenite, Tibetan Jet, Lithium Quartz, Rare Pink Crystals, True Strawberry Quartz, Orgone Devices, Atlantean and Lemurian Crystals, Fine Wire Wrapped and Sculpted Jewelry, Healing Jewelry and many other healing stones. I am an Affiliate of the Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors, a Reiki Master, and a Graduate Gemologist.

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Why Psychic Pathways Crystals are Different from Other Sellers

Many of the Crystals at Psychic Pathways were mined over 50 years ago.  There is no access to the long ago crystal mines because the urban sprawl has covered these outpourings with private houses, asphalt, and occasional grass.  Over the years, I've purchased collections from long-ago crystal mines that don't exist anymore.

 I am an Affiliate of The Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors, a Reiki Master, and a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America. I also own Psychic Pathways, a trademarked company.

 I channel the energy from stones so you may understand the items that you're purchasing. All stones have been seriously looked at before putting up for sale.

One must remember that a stone is not just a stone, it is a living thing, and the energy of each  stone is very important.

We combine shipping on all items to reduce your shipping costs.  Your crystals will be free of negative energies as all of my crystals transmit love and positive energy.

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