Psychic Fred's Predictions August 1998

From Psychic Fred's Predictions:

Source: His Web Page August 1998.

First, we must keep our eyes on Iraq because this country’s leader has no respect for human life. Saddam Hussein has warheads with nuclear, germ, and chemical substances capable of mass destruction which he wants to use against the United States. The United Nations will not be successful in their mission to neutralize Iraq’s dangerous war machine. Saddam Hussein has been attempting to lure both Russia and China into an alliance against the U.S. and her allies. He will not succeed in this, however these discussions will be instrumental in his releasing three missiles toward the United States. I see two of these missiles being downed by our military into the Atlantic Ocean where they will explode underwater. I see the third one possibly reaching its target - New York City - some time between November 13th and 17th, in either 2001 or 2002. Those missiles that detonate in the Atlantic Ocean will initiate geothermal disturbances within days of their explosions which in turn will cause a wall of water (Tsunami) to wash over our East Coast. This water will possibly even affect the level of water in the Great Lakes and cause destructive flooding all the way into the Midwest. The Pacific Coast will not be affected – California will not "fall into the sea". The irresponsibility of this action will alienate Saddam Hussein’s would-be allies with the exception of possibly Iran who shares a similar resonance to Iraq. Saddam Hussein’s downfall will be brought about by those he previously believed to be his friends.


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