About Metaphysical Crystals - Psychic Pathways

Metaphysical Crystals by Psychic Pathways has sold metaphysical crystals online, and at various shows, since 1997.  We are located in beautiful Colorado.
  • We are your source for the New Age including all types of new age items, striking crystals, fossils from millions of years ago, jewelry in Sterling Silver, 14 Kt Gold, Merlin's Gold - Bronze and Copper, gemstones, and a pinch of this and a cupful of that.

    Our products are handmade by either Kay Nelsen or Todd Nelsen and are NOT mass-marketed.  We take great pride in our jewelry items as each one is unique and manufactured totally by forging, wire wrapping, or other handmade means.  We enjoy unusual stones and their vibrations, crystals that will the mind with wonder, inspire spirituality, aid with meditation, and help one with life's struggles.

    We are adding new information daily about the new crystals, such as Dragon Quartz, Super 8's, Golden Auras, Stellar Atoms, etc, etc., etc., etc., and also information about potent crystals which have been around for quite a while!

    We understand the movement of energy blocks, either in the body or on our planet. We only sell authentic crystals and because of this our items are a cut above the rest.