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Bezoars Unusual Stones Inside Saints, Animals, and Plants

I’ve had some experience with Bezoars as I found a few on the property where I live. It really doesn’t surprise me because the property is magical.

Unusual stones or other growths have occasionally also been found in the bodies of saints, holy people; animals and plants. These objects are not common and they do contain great powers.

Mustika Pearls/Bezoar Stones are the manifestation of an organism’s highest energy formed out of conscious or a subconscious aspiration for a higher evolutionary level or state. They are formed by an Elemental Spirit that has made its home in either the entity or the plant. Because of this they are only found in wild places containing high energy.

The place where I live is a Power Spot, and an area where the veil between this plane and the next is very thin, and quite often blurred. I have seen and heard spirits here and have found very old coins left there by the elementals.

Bezoars are widely known in South-East Asia, India, and other countries of the East. Malays, for instance, Philipinos call them Mutya and Occidental naturalists of the past referred to them as Bezoar stones. The powerful stones told in tales and legends are actually Bezoars.

The Sanskrit text, “Sri Garuda-Puranam,” speaks in detail of these Stones. In essence it declares a man acquires great fortune and blessings by possessing a Bezoar.

The formation of a Bezoar stone or Magickal Pearl is directed by Nature’s invisible forces and intelligence. The Elemental Spirit formed an affinity with the plant and took on many of the powers of the plant until the plant died. The Elemental animal is still bound to the pearl and seeks a new alliance with the Shaman who is sensitive enough to hear the call.

Magickal Pearls/Bezoar Stones help to strengthen the carrier’s aura and nervous system; they bestow positive energies and they empower the brain centers, etc.

The natural energies of these Magickal Pearl/Bezoar Stones attract luck, neutralize and wards-off negative forces. They have a natural tonic effect upon the physical system. They are more powerful than any gemstone or crystal anywhere. Added onto ritualistic items such as wands, they would truly empower an occult practitioner’s magickal operations.

Mustika/Bezoar/Magikal Pearls are fed by scent and light. They should be exposed to the light of the moon and also to sunlight. It is also quite beneficial to lay a scented flower near them when not in use.

There are various ways for determining whether a Bezoar is real or a fake. The first is the Energy. Hold the Bezoar between the thumb and forefinger and hold your breath. While doing so, the energy from the Bezoar will run through your arm and finally reach the heart or one of the other chakras within the body depending upon its quality. Fakes do not give such sensations.

I found a few Bezoars inside the wood of a fully attached wytch elm branch which had died and no one had to tell that this item is authentic. I literally took this item out of the middle of the wood after the branch had been cut in two. If you’re interested in any of them, please write.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about Bezoar Stones.

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