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Copal is a very healing tree resin. Copal is at least a thousand years old and is a beautiful brown or yellow.

Copal is one of the most healing substances on Earth and generates electricity if anything is rubbed against it and because of this is one of the prime healing stones of all times.

Copal will strengthen the abilities of the mind as it stimulates intellect and alters states of consciousness. It also is quite useful to amplify one’s energy field and change negative energy into positive energy.

Copal has been used to activate the crown chakra and at the same time maintain physical consciousness. It assists one in remaining aware during meditation. It is very helpful in the area of removing energy blockages and to strengthen the meridians in the physical body such that one becomes aligned with the perfection of the ethereal body. It serves to increase the awareness of ones individuality while allowing one to maintain association with humanity.

Copal is used by healers for both diagnostic healing and communicating with spirit guides. It helps one to recover from those disorders associated with diminished physical vitality and stimulates cellular renewal. Copal also helps to remove energy blockages, and strengthens the physical body. Copal is also excellent for enhancing altered states of consciousness.

Copal was sacred to the Mayans and Aztecs as it is said that they burnt large amounts of Copal in their pyramids.

Copal never needs to be cleaned nor cleared as it doesn’t hold onto negative vibrations. It also helps to open all the chakras and helps one to manifest dreams. It also is helpful for helping one to open during meditation and psychic endeavors.

I hope this has helped you to understand Copal, and if you’re interested in any Copal, please feel free to contact me

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