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Blue Celestite Crystal Angelic

Celestite is a beautiful slate blue crystal that has a beautiful angelic quality.

 Celestite elevate the mood and bring the sense of inspiration to any activity. When I held a Celestite crystal to the third eye, I receive an exquisite vibration of pleasure and inner joy. Celestite is gentle and strong, opening the third eye to multiple realms of higher dimensions.

In my meditation with Celestite crystals, I’ve seen many inner corridors of light leading to various spiritual domains and most easily recognizable were a number of the angelic levels. These stones seem to be intimately connected with the angels, and to provide a means of conscious communication with them. I found myself to be easily in touch with my guardian angels, and also with higher angelic orders.

Celestite is imbued with the essence of the celestial realms. It facilitates peaceful strength and mental clarity more than any of the other blue-ray stones. This beautiful crystalline entity has the potential to escort the human consciousness into the celestial realms, where thoughts can be freed of the cares and concerns of physical existence.

Celestite assists one in maintaining a sense of personal security as the consciousness takes on greater dimension. It invites the mind to enter into a state of unlimited openness and total awareness, and great power is embodied when peace of this kind is accessed. It is perfect for personal meditation work and is an excellent stone for dream recall and for astral travel. It aids in hope and harmony, communication, and clarity of mind. It balances energies, is very calming, and is quite a harmonious crystal.

Celestite can activate the crown chakra as well as the third eye, and in my experience there was a sense of downloading spiritual information through the opened crown while meditating with the stones.

I’ve received the intuition that Celestite beneficially affects the throat chakra, making it possible to clearly articulate one’s inner wisdom as well as information received from higher sources.

The heart chakra is also stimulated by Celestite, opening one to a deepened compassion, inner peace and expanded love for one’s self as well as for others.
Celestite aids in alleviating despair and worry and helps one to perceive things more optimistically. This is in part facilitated by its purifying action on the aura.

If you’re interested in any individual Celestite crystals, please let me know. I have a few of them.

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