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Angelite from Peru Love Stone

Angelite is a stone discovered during the Harmonic Convergence and one which represents the Love Vibration. It is the color of the heavens and originated in Peru.

Angelite is one of my more favorite stones, as it is an understanding stone, it never asks why, it never judges, it just loves and loves and loves, the way that all of us should be. It represents true love, the love that lasts forever and is unconditional.

Please stare at this picture of Angelite for awhile. You’ll feel its vibration, you’ll feel calmer, and you will feel more loving towards all other people. I truly believe that if everyone carried Angelite with them (or wore it), that this world would be at peace, without war of any kind and love would abound.

Anglite also has a tranquilizing manner about it, I recommend it for anyone who has ADD, is nervous, has problems sleeping, or is anxious about anything in any manner at all. I’m becoming quite relaxed just being near this stone. It is beautiful.

Angelite also works to enhance one’s connections to the higher domains – to one’s spirit guides, teachers, and guardian angels. It is an excellent stone for balancing the physical & etheric energies, for telepathy and astral travel, for creating a psychic shield of protection & for promoting peace. It is an inner key to the realms of Light.

Angelite promotes compassion and understanding, and helps one to speak the truth.

We go through life believing that money and other worldly things are important. They’re not. What is important is what’s in your heart and the unconditional love you give to others. Angelite helps a person to remember that there is nothing more important than this.

This crystal is very susceptible to moisture and salt so it should never be cleansed by water or especially salt.

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