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Amblygonite Food of the Gods Crystals

Amblygonite, Similar to Petalite but a more Loving Crystal for Crystal Healing

Amblygonite is quite rare and very seldom seen or offered for sale anywhere. I go to numerous shows and it just isn’t offered anywhere. I’ve had Amblygonite in my crystal room for three years for these crystals to pick up the synergy of other stones so as to work in a group via crystal healings or with other stones when worn on the body.  I purchased as much of it that I could because, really, this crystal is not offered anywhere. I feel very privileged to have a few Amblygonite in my possession and I’m sure that you will too.   This crystal is extraordinary and quite loving.

Amblygonite is one of most intense Angelic stones that I have ever been around and is full of healing energy. Amblygonite is very helpful for anyone pursuing the arts, music, poetry, prose, fiction, etc. It is a mineral for the Creator in all of us, as it aids to unleash the creativity into a higher mode, one that can be actually seen and appreciated by others. It is considered a “food” of the gods, imparting the sense of divinity and immortality.

Amblygonite is used to calm and soothe. Amblygonite can also equilibrate and stabilize large areas such as malls and schools. Amblygonite can help with unpleasantness and to enhance understanding when one is forced to end relationships. Amblygonite helps to develop empathy, self-confidence and thoughtfulness towards others.

Amblygonite is a crystal that is high in lithium. Amblygonite helps one to maintain a sunny out look on life, encourages one to remain centered when life becomes difficult, and over come fear by strengthening will.

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