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Metaphysical Crystals and Kundalini

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word and means to coil as a snake. In India, the Kundalini is thought to be a serpent goddess coiled around the first chakra.  There is Kundalini present in all of us and in everything on earth and in the universe, including the trees, rocks, air, sky and earth.  Western society has opened itself up to the idea of Kundalini, especially since the 1960s when the Age of Aquarius and the new age began, although Kundalini has been recognized in both the Buddhist and Hindu cultures for thousands of years.  It can take many years to become skilled to fully raise the Kundalni, but meditation and the use of mantras can accerelate this greatly.  There is a Shaman waiting inside all of us.

Kundalini is not recognized in western medicine but is becoming accepted as an alternative therapy in conjunction with western medicine.  I know of at least one HMO that covers acupuncture because I have used their services, and that HMO is Kaiser Permanente.

For enlightenment, the proper flow of Kundalini or energy through the chakras is important as this will help the entire system to function at optimal levels. Crystals are helpful for energy amplification of the Kundalni and for movement of the energy.  Crystals amplify the rise of Kundalini, especially quartz crystal, tourmaline, and all other metaphysical crystals, each crystal working at different frequencies and at different chakra levels.  When  one uses crystals during meditation, the Kundalni will be awakened. Quartz Crystals help to amplify our feelings, our attitudes, and our consciousness.

I practiced Hatha Yoga for over twenty years and during this time I could feel the energy rise up through my spine and exit through my fingertips.  There is an enormous amount of energy stored in our spines.

Many people believe that Kundalini is dormant in people, but I don’t believe this.  Kundalini is present in all of us, and it’s only the disruption of this flow which causes disease.  It’s not that it doesn’t exist or that it is dormant, but that it’s stuck in certain areas of body, causing pain, inflammation, distress, tiredness, etc.

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