The Second Chakra

The Second Chakra

This is an interesting chakra as it is associated with creativity. When I have been going through creative parts of my life, I’ve been attracted to orange stones, such as carnelian, very orange quartz, and any stone with the color orange in it. This is because orange is one of the colors associated with crystal therapy of the second chakra.


The chakras in the body, astral body, etc., are all connected with each other. There are seven primary chakras, but hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller, but very significant chakras, around our body. Within these chakras are energy, and they can aid in the energy flowing or they can impede it. This is why it’s important to keep these chakra points open, so that one doesn’t become ill or bogged down with negativity in any area of the body.

The second chakra directly deals with the creative concept in man. It also is very much active in sexuality and the art of sex. It also deals with thoughts of creativity. It is situated either on the back – at the base of the lumbar spine – or as more commonly known on the front side of the body halfway between the pubic area and the naval. If the energy from the second chakra is blocked, one can feel tired, worry a lot, have low self-esteem, and become depressed. The thoughts may become rigid and uncompromising. One can also become addicted to drugs and certain foods.

The second Chakra’s element has always been water, meaning that it is fluid and alive.

The gemstones for this chakra are carnelian, orange tourmaline, and any stone which is orange.

I have found one of the best ways to open the chakras is by meditation, acupuncture, and the use of crystal therapy. Spiritual healers are adept when helping one in this area. Also Reiki Kundalini work can greatly aid a person during chakra balancing. Reiki therapy on the chakras of the body is also helpful for chakra cleansing of the seven chakras.

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