The Healing Power of Amethyst

Posted by Kay Nelsen on

Amethyst - Amethyst is a translucent purple quartz, ranging in color from deep purple to lavender.   The deepest purple amethyst comes from Uruguay, Siberia, Africa and Colorado. The most common occurrence of amethyst is in Brazil, a medium purple color.  Amethyst Crystals from Vera Cruz are lighter and provide an immediate Beta state.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It can primarily assist in controlling the emotions and for providing clarity of thought. It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of the body; it clears the aurithic field bringing stability, strength and peace to the individual. It is an excellent stone for meditation, as it activates the crown chakra.

Amethyst promotes psychic abilities, imagery and quieting of the mind. It has been used for treatment of insomnia and to ameliorate pain from headaches and other disorders.


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