Affirmation - Take the Time to be Pleasant to All People

Take the Time to Be Pleasant to All People

As I sit here in a hotel in Tucson, Arizona waiting for the gem shows to begin, I'm wondering a bit...what will the affirmation be for this month? What area can I focus on where I, and possibly others, might need improvement? I arrived in Tucson last night on a crowded plane, after sitting next to a gentleman that I'll probably never know, likely will never see again, or be able to recognize tomorrow. We shared a brief space of time, but that was about it...nothing more. This man was extremely uncordial, his body language spoke...don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't even smile at me...I wish to be left alone and you don't even exist. He crossed his legs away from me, didn't return my smile as I sat next to him, and immediately gazed out the window. I had no desire to strike up a conversation with this man as, believe it or not I am rather quiet, but I'm always cordial and try to smile at people. All I can give people is my love, and if it can be accomplished through a smile and kind words, so be it. As I continued to sit next to this man I'll never know I wondered, who is he and why does he nervously flip through the magazine pages? Why does he feign any eye contact? I continued to wonder if his life is happy and knew that it wasn't, I could psychically feel it, did he know he was sitting next to a crystal healer, did he wonder who I was, and did he even care? My point here is that we all have moments such as these in our lives, we really don't wish to strike up conversations with strangers, but we can be cordial, polite and not distance others from others. By being so aloof, we lose out on the wonder of the other person. I will never know anything about this man and he will never know anything about me, and that in itself seems somewhat sad.

Kay Nelsen

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