He didn't Hack her into Bits.

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Barry Morphew did not murder his wife.  There was a “stranger” involved.  I’ll tell you more in the morning.  This for your appetite.

What does it mean to be psychic and why are some people more “in tune” than others?  Much of it comes from the chemistry of the body, the “environment” of the soul, in which we’re born.  My mind has changed when I’ve been under the influence of substances, mostly legal.  One of the legal substances, Gabapentin, rendered happiness, even though my body wretched with pain. I could actually wish for the serotonin in my body to increase and I could feel it as it did.  Odd, huh?  Being able to release serotonin at will.  Gabapentin did this to me.

 As the body weakens with age, when the emotions become more delicate and are able to overcome a person’s strength, perception overwhelms a person.  As age overcomes the body, barriers crack.  One feels strongly, old men cry easily and women feel they have been pummeled in the gut.

Children also feel these emotions, mostly before the age of five.  The beginning of life brings forth the sense of wonder, believing and remembering, the now and then from before swirling around inside the child’s mind.  Children can see what adults disbelieve.  They’re still open, haven’t matured, and they see what adults have lost.


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