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Psychic Pathways

Lemurian Seed Crystal Sphere Earrings

Lemurian Seed Crystal Sphere Earrings

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Lemurian Seed Crystals were originally programmed by the inhabitants of Lemuria. These crystals have been encoded with the knowledge of the healing systems, culture and spirituality of Lemuria. To access the information inside the seed crystal, enter a meditative state while gently rubbing the crystal. Thoughts, visions, voices, feelings, sounds, will come to you.


This Seed Crystal Earrings are 100% clear and white, any color in the earrings is from the background.



Quartz crystals are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, which includes matter, thought, emotion and information. They are indeed a gift to us from the Earth and are for sharing, for connecting, for healing, and for enlightenment . Quartz naturally harmonizes and energizes our gross and subtle bodies.


Quartz Crystals can be easily programmed to help provide a positive outcome. Quartz crystals can clear away negative energy from the aura and re-align the chakra centers of our body. They are useful in long distance healing through imaging and meditation.


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