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Golden Selenite Pendant Crystal Wand

Golden Selenite Pendant Crystal Wand

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 This is very healing Sunset Gold Selenite Crystal Pendant in Merlin's Gold (Genuine Bronze)! This pendant is unisex so a man or a woman can easily wear it.

You will receive ONE  Sunset Gold Selenite Pendant with each bid!  The above photos are representative of the pendant you will receive but is not the actual pendant that you will receive.

These Selenite pendants range from approximately 1" in length to over 2 1/2' in length.


Sunset Gold Selenite quickly opens and activates the third eye and solar plexus chakras.

When it is held to the third eye, its currents move also up to the crown, stimulating its opening.  The intensity of energy delivered by Sunset Gold Selenite is greater than most of the clear Selenites, and it is the only Selenite which goes easily down to the solar plexus.  

Sunset Gold Selenite aids us in developing the strength of intention and the strength of trust.  This is done through its enhancement of the power of the third chakra and its way of linking the solar plexus to the third eye.  It helps us feel the energy of trust and intention going out into the future through our solar plexus.  It helps us develop a feeling/seeing sensitivity via which we can recognize the movement of our creative forces, joining with the World Soul's creative forces, forming the stream of the unfolding future.

Selenite is an excellent crystal to connect with one's light body or with one's higher spirit.  Selenite instills  a sense of peace and helps with energy alignments.

Selenite helps us to understand and connect to our deepest inner nature, that part of us (called by some soul) which is eternal. Selenite's shimmering light makes it a wonderful crystal for directing energy and healing modalities!

Selenite is considered to be a 'mental body stone' which also opens, aligns and clears the aura bodies.  It is able to transmit light, energy, and information, and is quite often used for channeling.  It can be used as a scanning device for those of us who are not visually orientated to get an overall view of a person's light system and to see the thought forms in their energy body.  You can direct the energy towards your client or yourself by physically pointing the Selenite towards your client and mentally aligning with its vibration to examine the thought forms that are stored within each energy body. 

Selenite is not like any other healing stone or wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Selenite works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura. As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral. Working with the subtle bodies, Selenite pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the chakras makes Selenite a universal healing implement.

For anyone who wishes a peaceful atmosphere in their home, one filled with love, this selenite can be very helpful.

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