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Inca Jade Over Soul Crystal Tumbled Amulet Om Aum

Inca Jade Over Soul Crystal Tumbled Amulet Om Aum

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INCA JADE Over Soul Crystal Tumbled Amulet OM AUM

Sparkling Rare Inca Jade


I was completely amazed when I came in contact with this Inca Jade! Inca Jade is a new find from Peru that has very powerful healing energies. You can literally feel the wisdom of this stone and the deep energy of this stone! Inca Jade can soothe and heal the heart center and is extremely useful for those who have had a hard or difficult life or who have been abused in the past.

I can actually feel it reaching out to me as it sits here on my desk, its beckoning call and its understanding! It is one of the most healing stones I have ever been around! And it is a stone that I believe I will carry with me forever when my heart feels wounded.

Inca Jade can enable one to balance the male and female energies and to exchange the energies to further provide for balancing between the self and a partner. It provides for integrating the subtle energies of the universe into the body, facilitating the dynamic balancing of opposing energies in both the internal and the external worlds of ones reality. It can also help with both courage and strength of purpose. It can help one to attract abundance.

 Inca Jade also helps one to appreciate what we already have and to stop moaning about what we don’t have.It is also quite helpful for shielding one from many forms of negative energy and is an excellent stone to keep in ones possession when performing dangerous work. It also encourages ideal health, intellect and emotional well being."

Inca Jade assists one in making all types of transitions-in spiritual growth, in love relationships, in work and in career, relationship with oneself and the Divine.  It is also the stone of the Deep Feminine, the Source of All, and the downward journey through Darkness into Light.   It can act as a guiding and protecting presence on one's path, after the threshold has been crossed.  Further, it facilitates the acquisition of courage.

According to Jane Dow, and I quote "An Over-Soul Stone, such as Inca Jade, has a master plan that is carried out by each of the soul projections we call life-times. That plan resides in our own light body, clear at its edge and is supposed to dictate to our consciousness, what we are about, what we are here for, and what we are supposed to be doing!  It has a dream for us, we are living that dream. That is our personal dream that needs to be awakened, what are we missing, what do we need to work on in our selves to better connect with our entire light-soul-body system. 

"Inca Jade heralds the return of the Divine Feminine. It allows us to be at peace during chaos and shields us from the pervasive vibrations of collective hostility.

Inca Jade can also sooth the heart and help those who have been abused.  It attracts abundance and helps us to appreciate what we already have.  It is very helpful for spiritual development and helps us to understand ancient cultures.


Each Inca Jade is approximately 1" in length and many are larger!

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