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Natural Moqui Marble Shaman Stone Pendant from Utah

Natural Moqui Marble Shaman Stone Pendant from Utah

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This is a Natural Moqui Marble, i.e., Shaman Stone, Pendant in a stretch wire setting!

You will receive one of these with each bid!  I will also send a black cord so you can immediately wear your pendant!

Each pendant is approximately 1.25 inches x .95 inches in width and depth.

Moqui Marbles were named after the Moqui Indians who often inhabited the lands in which they were originally found.  Many people, including Native Americans, call these marbles “Shaman Stones” as they are a great metaphysical aid.
These Moqui Marbles absorb negative energies, transmuting them into the positive.  They are also a natural healing stone, as they aid energy in flowing up the spinal column.
Mochi Marbles also can protect the environment.  The energy is similar to being around a good friend. 
Shaman stones can wonderful used in medicine pouches.
Moqui's are dramatically going up in price, and this very large set is quite unusual.



All Crystals have been Charged within a room, some of them for many years.  They are all ready to work as soon as they are within your possession!

We are only the Caregivers of These Crystals before they make their way home to you.

Why Psychic Pathways Crystals are Different from Other Sellers

Many of the Crystals at Psychic Pathways were mined over 50 years ago.  There is no access to the long ago crystal mines because the urban sprawl has covered these outpourings with private houses, asphalt, and occasional grass.  Over the years, I've purchased collections from long-ago crystal mines that don't exist anymore.

 I am an Affiliate of The Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors, a Reiki Master, and a Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America. I also own Psychic Pathways, a trademarked company.

 I channel the energy from stones so you may understand the items that you're purchasing. All stones have been seriously looked at before putting up for sale.

One must remember that a stone is not just a stone, it is a living thing, and the energy of each  stone is very important.

We combine shipping on all items to reduce your shipping costs.  Your crystals will be free of negative energies as all of my crystals transmit love and positive energy.

I am a Graduate Gemologist through GIA in Carlsbad, California (the Harvard of Gemology Education), a Reiki Master, and an Affiliate of the Association of Melody Crystal Healing Instructors.


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