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Rare Satyaloka Quartz Gathered by Monks Azez India Powerful Enlightment

Rare Satyaloka Quartz Gathered by Monks Azez India Powerful Enlightment

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This is Genuine Satyaloka Crystal Quartz from the grounds of the Satyaloka Monastery in India, an  extremely powerful stone that has tremendous capacity to alleviate all manner of sufferings to those ready to receive its exceptional properties. It has tremendous healing abilities, produces a sense of deep inner peace and stillness and liberation from stress to those who carry it. It purifies the thoughts, the aura and surrounding areas, aligns & activates the chakras, and will often give a deep and often Earth shaking connection to Supreme Consciousness, leading to tremendous personal growth, clarity and transformation. Many have reported experiencing states of Enlightenment, Mystical Experience or experiences of seldom discovered states of deep inner peace, awareness or unconditional love while entering into prayer or meditation with Satyaloka Quartz.

From the land of Enlightenment, Satyaloka Quartz carries a resonance that is helping to pave the way for the transmission of Enlightenment to all of mankind. Satyaloka Quartz is a tremendous gift from sacred sand and soil. When using it in meditation, it facilitates a cleaner and easier entry and assists one in attaining a state of "no mind". When holding the mineral, it tends to provide for an encircling spiral; in meditation, the spiral is predisposed to become the Kundalini rising, and surrounding the same time it is within ones body.


As a mineral, Sataloka Quartz is a high vibrational quartz, and no one who is unaware of stone energies would be particularly interested in it. (Interestingly, the Philosophers' Stone of Alchemy was also believed to be a common-looking white stone which the uninitiated would overlook!) Sataloka's energies are far more potent than those of any ordinary Quartz, as they seem to be patterned, by a group of interdimensional beings who call themselves the Azez.

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