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Psychic Pathways

One Rare Merlin's Mine Blood Red Ruby Crystal Energy Intense Vivid Energy!

One Rare Merlin's Mine Blood Red Ruby Crystal Energy Intense Vivid Energy!

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Rare Highly Vibrational Merlin's Mine Blood Red Ruby Crystal!

Psychic Vision Energy Crystal!

Very Rare and Magical!

You will be amazed at this seldom seen, Remarkable Energy of this Very Rare Merlin's Mine Ruby from the Merlin's Crystal Mine in Mysore, Karnataka, India!

Each crystal weighs between 1-15 carats!

The crystals are a vivid cranberry red color, and all of them have metaphysical markings!
The Ruby Crystal is the Star of Purity!!!

The Ruby Crystal has been used as a  conductor for atmospheric electricity providing a pathway to the Earth and to the User, for electrical and magnetic forces!  They are said to have been used in the Lemurian ceremonial activities to maintain the psychic energies of that time period.  They have also been used to facilitate access to the teachings of the ancient teachers of India.

"Ruby" comes from the Latin word for 'red'.   Ruby is a type of corundum, and other members of the family are generally known as Sapphires.

Merlin's Mine Ruby Crystals help to impart a sense of bliss and help one to recharge energy levels. I always feel energy moving into my body while holding a ruby in my hands.

Merlin's Mine Rubies also help one to have more desire for life!  Merlin's Mine Rubies have also helped to have lucid dreams and to increase motivation!

Merlin's Mine Rubies are superior healing stones.  With the Merlin's Mine Ruby, one may access ancient writings covering the esoteric principles of the religious movements, the structure and attributes of occult knowledge and information from the akashic records relative to the development of the intuitive, psychic and astral abilities.  

The ruby crystals from India are said to be pieces from the spear of Lord Krishna, used during the Cerdic ages to vanquish the Lord of Destruction from the Earth.  They are now being used to assist in the intense focusing necessary for healing the Earth, for banishing and discouraging the destructive forces, and for the purification of the ethers.
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